How to start producing electronic music in 2024

How to start producing electronic music in 2024
Written by: Dexxter Clark
How to start producing electronic music is difficult.
So much to learn, so much to get a hang of, so much you need to experience, and so much training of your ears.
But where do you start with music production as a beginner?
The subject of learning to produce is much broader than DJing.

With DJing there is only so much you can learn, with producing it’s almost endless.

Let me give you some quick pointers to start.

Choose a DAW and learn it

DAWs are complex pieces of software that you need to spend a lot of time in order to know your way around.

The easiest way to get to know a DAW is to make a mixtape.
Try to make transitions in songs.
Try to cut and paste pieces of a song and assemble your own.

DAW: Learn about plugins

A plugin is a type of software to extend the functionality of your DAW.

DAW: Difference between MIDI and audio tracks

A DAW works with layers. Every layer (called a track) is representing a piece of information (=sound) in the music.

Audio tracks are for existing audio like sound effects and MIDI is the music you make with instrument plugins

DAW: What is automation

In order to change a certain parameter over time, you can use automation. This is effectively automating a button, for example the volume of a track (or the amount of reverb).

DAW: What is a bus

You can group certain tracks in busses.

This is useful manipulate multiple tracks at once, for example: change the volume of all the tracks in the break to make more difference between the break and the drop.

But you can use a bus also for effects.

Placing a reverb effect on all your tracks will ‘kill’ your CPU very quickly and this is totally unnecessary.

Make a bus with the reverb effect and send all the tracks that you want the reverb on, to that bus.

Side chaining

Side chaining is using the output of a certain track (or bus) for another track.

The most used application is the pumping effect you hear in a lot of electronic music.
You can use this to cut away the bass frequencies when the kick hits for example.

Music production school: classes and courses

This is only a small introduction to music production.
On this website you can find a plethora of articles and courses to get you started.
Or you can book a skype lesson with one of our teachers.

If you are serious about music production and want to take it to the next level,
download my free music production e-book.
Besides information about music production basics and computers for music production, the book gives also a unique perspective on the world of DJs and music producers.

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