about Dexxter Clark

About the author

Hi, I'm Dexxter Clark.
I did my first DJ gig when I was twelve years old.
It was my brothers birthday in our parents garage.

I was only eighteen, when I took dancing classes and was always the DJ on the social dancing night every week, I even helped to organise a yearly dancing night at het Kolpinghuis in Nijmegen (The Netherlands).
Here I learned how to read a crowd and spark an emotional reaction to get the best out of the evening.

It wasn't until 2016 that the virus hit hard when I saw a DJ spinning at the famous Pacha nightclub in Ibiza.
This was the moment I'm started to do reasearch and found producing music.
I liked it so much that finally in 2017 I took music production classes in Logic Pro X.
My knowledge skyrocketed in a few months and I loved it.
I even got offered a record deal after the classes, which I declined on my lawyers advise.
This event made me immediately an expert on shady record deals.

I'm currently in the phase of making a lot of music to get better at it.
The things I learn along the way I share on my YouTube channel and this website.