About the author

about Dexxter Clark
Hi, I'm Dexxter Clark, the author of this website.

After DJing for years, I decided I wanted to make my own music.
It is much more exciting spinning your own tracks than somebody else's.

To get a jumpstart I took several music production courses in Logic Pro X in 2017.
I grew so quick that I got offered a record deal!

After a couple of songs in Logic Pro, I got frustrated by the annoying workflow and the Apple-will-never-fix-the-bugs mentality.
So I decided to switch to Presonus Studio One.

Also in 2017 I started my YouTube channel about DJing and music production.
On that channel I share all my knowledge about music production.
This blog has the same purpose, being it in a different format.

I'm currently in the phase of making a lot of music to get better at it and building my music production career.
I'm not a professional, I don't know everything.
But the things I do know, I love to share with you here on this website.